Welcome to Twitual!

Welcome to Twitual, a service which explores the intersection and differences between your Twitter friends and followers. Which of your friends follow you back? Which ones don’t? Who is following you that you aren’t following back? We can show you.

The service is currently in ‘alpha’ status, which means that it is still in an active state of development, and things might change pretty frequently. We already have several ideas for new features, and for improvements to the current site. For example, we’re already aware of a javascript performance problem with the dynamic highlighting when the user lists get long, and we’re working on a fix for that.

That said, we’re open to any ideas, bug reports, complaints, or kudos that you might want to send our way. We also wouldn’t mind a ruben sandwich, some onion rings,  and a bottle of Guinness, should you care to send those. We’re also open to offers of advertising or sponsorships. Whatever it is you’d like to talk to us about, feel free to email us at info@twitual.com.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Twitual!

  1. David Silverlight

    Great tool! How often are the profiles refreshed? I just started following people that are following me. When I view my profile, it still shows that I am not following them. Do you grab the data dynamically or do you update profiles at different intervals and I should wait x minutes/hours before rechecking?

    follow @HeadGeek on twitter

    1. dougal Post author

      Results are cached for 2 hours. So checking the same user again any sooner than that won’t tell you anything new. At some point in the future, when some other features are in place, we’ll probably play with that, and make the caching shorter, plus add a check to see if the friend/follower counts changed since the last check. Sometime sooner than that, we’ll get a status message up on the page to give you an idea how fresh/old the information is.

  2. Chad

    What need are you solving ?

    This doesn’t seem all to complicated, to use the twitter API to get followers and following and then do the union and intersect to show the fans, idols etc…

    no offense 🙂

    1. dougal Post author

      Twitual was created because I had a question: “Which of my followers are also friends?”. At the time I had that question, no other service made it easy to get the answer. So I wrote it. And while I was at it, I also answered the adjoining questions of who doesn’t follow me back, and vice-versa.

      Yes, finding the info is pretty simple, conceptually. Get the friends and followers lists, do some array intersections and differences, and list them out. I was just the first one to actually go to the trouble to do it and present the results in an easy to view way.

  3. Doors

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