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Not Dead Yet

No, really. We’re actually working on new stuff!

A new version of Twitual is in the works. And when I say new, I mean new. Twitual 2.0 is being built completely from scratch, using the very latest cool web toys tools. It will be completely dynamic — no more waiting and waiting and waiting for results to come back to your browser!

The display will also be less cluttered. Rather than displaying all of the permutations and combinations of your friends and followers on the same screen, we will focus on one at a time. But we will still make it clear which tweeps fall into the various categories. Also, you will be able to get more details on friends, refocus to a new user, see recent tweets, etc.

Most likely, these features will be rolled out in stages (because you’d rather be able to do some of this than none of it, right?), and the timeline is still sketchy. I hope to have the first iteration up early next week (fingers crossed).