Now with fewer errors!

Okay, so the new prototype is fun and all, but what about the main service? It needed some love, too, right? It’s okay, we know — lots of yucky “Server Error” messages.

We reconfigured things on the web server a while back, and yes, we admit, we didn’t get everything set up the way we should have. But we’ve finally gotten around to taking a peek under the hood, and we think we’ve twiddled the right knobs to get things running more smoothly. In fact, we’re so sure that we’ve made things better, that we’ve raised the combined friends/followers limit from 3000 up to 8000.

If we can just get Geordi to quit hooking Data’s positronic brain into the ship’s computer, maybe we can keep this bucket of bolts flying right!

Update: We also changed the sorting of the lists so that users are listed in a more natural order. If you are looking for a particular friend or follower, it should be easier to find them, now.


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